Ten Strategies for Grooming Future Firm Leaders

Firm struggle with succession.
Esp important for smaller and mid-size firms
Once great firms fall part.  Founder and benevolent dictator

Quality lawyers is a given.  Quality systems, training, planning, service.
It’s about talent.  Sustainability.


  • Personality profile
  • Big picture, good at delegation
  • Look for those who go the extra Mile – mid-level associate level
  • Team-oriented, Goal-oriented, Results-oriented.  Mange up v mange down
  • Leadership outside law school – organization involvement
  • The IT factor

ROLE IN FIRM – Finder, minder, Grinders

Visionary, communicator, role model, mentor, cheerleader, disciplinarian



Committee assignments

Department Heads – Co-chairs


Assoc Development Committee

Website, Newsletter, Intake Forms, Technology

Job Descriptions

Track and Reward Non-Billable Contributions

Give responsibility and authority

Older lawyers must step out of the way. Not second guess.